Water Online Analyser (CX Series)

Based on a 20-years experience, the UVpcx is a state-of-the-art water monitoring system specially designed for high reliability, low operating cost and small size. Ultra-Violet spectroscopy, the most reliable and stable method, is used to analyse the specific parameters: Ammonia, COD, Hydrocarbons, Nitrate, Chlorophyll A and Color. Optical methods are also used for turbidity and color while electrodes are used for pH dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Based on a modular design, the UVpcx can be configured as

  • Mono-parameter system:
    On many process control applications, only one parameter is critical. In that case, the Uvpcx offers a cost-competitive solution.
  • Multi-parameter system:
    Water chemistry is complex and to meet the regulations for drinking water or waste water, many parameters have to be taken in account.

Designed in compliance with CE electromagnetic standards and using a watertight IP54 box, the PCX is the ideal instrument for industrial applications such as:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Industrial effluents monitoring
  • River monitoring
  • Chemical, oil and food industries


Avaliable Series


  • UV lamp 10 years life time
  • Better reliable sampling pump (pumping height up to 5 meters)
  • Good performance stainer prevents large suspended solid
  • No filtering with River Water or Waste Water
  • Datalog with RS232 download (no specific software is required)
  • Connectivity and web enabled
  • Multiplaxing configuration