Biosens BOD Analyser

BOD is a measure of the DO consumed by micro-organisms during the oxidation of bio-degradable substances in waste waters. A high BOD would therefore imply a higher depletion in the DO content. Water with high BOD if discharged into common streams and rivers, will starve the rest of the aquatic life. Waste water is therefore treated to bring down the BOD value to levels below those prescribed by pollution regulatory bodies. BioSens uses a revolutionary BOD measuring technique. This technique helps to determine the BOD value within 40 minutes in contrast to the 3 or 5 days required by the BOD3 and BOD5 methods.

Main advantages of the BioSens are
  • Unique technique of BOD measurement using patented Bio sensor
  • Actual measurement of BOD with biodegradation of contaminants in sample
  • No need of Dilution / Incubation / Titration
  • Enhanced control over water recycling processes, with increased efficiency
  • Daily records of BOD levels of effluent plant can be maintained which will help statutory bodies work better.