Gas Analyser (D/E Series)
EX 3000-301 & EX 3000-302

The reduction of gas emission on industrial plants is now a global concern for the environment as climate change, forest devastation and respiratory diseases are endangering present and future generations. 

The aim of Awa Instruments is to provide worldwide reliable and cost effective environmental monitoring solutions to control emission gases. 

With a 10-years experience on ammonia gas detection by UV spectroscopy and hundreds of on-line analysers installed, we now extend our technology to a wide range of UV absorbing gases. 

Key factors for successful on-line analysis as stability, low maintenance and low operating cost have oriented our design to the DOAS method (Differential Optical Absorbance Spectroscopy) based on the Beer-Lambert law. No sampling system is needed reducing the maintenance and installation costs. An air purge circuit maintains clean the optics. 

Typical applications are SCR and SNCR processes where simultaneous measurement of NO, NO2, NH3 is necessary to control the DeNOx process, as well as other chemical processes. 

Main Application
  • Power Plants
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Mineral Wood Industry
  • Fertiliser Industry
Available Series
  • EX3000 - 301 (NH3)
  • EX3000 - 302 (H2S)
  • DX3000 (NO / NO2 / NOX / SO2 / BTX)